UGC for Content Marketing

WOMM for brand promotion, leveraging your “Customers as Brand Ambassadors”

Engaging with Customers

Enterprises use social media to engage with customers, market products & services, and promote their brand, using the necessary tools. They measure the success of the effort by the # of views, likes, shares, retweets, etc. However, they are clueless about the actual RoI they are deriving out of this whole marketing exercise.

engaging customers
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Enabling your Customers

SocialConnext helps you to overcome this challenge by enabling your customers to be the brand advocates across social channels. It classifies the content marketing process wherein the content from the customers is gathered through social listening. The user generated content is then embellished and glorified. It is shared across the social channels after a nod from the customer. This is a win-win proposition for both the parties, as company builds the prospect pipeline and the customers are happy about the amplification of their content. It builds authenticity to the brand.

Gaining Valuable Insights

SocialConnext digs deeper into audience’s responses to your brand messaging. A cognitive intelligence machine reads through the customers’ emotions & persona to help you understand the “why” behind customer experience. Essentially, you get a clarity as to who are the delighted customers and who are the dissatisfied lot, with reasons for the same. Also, it helps you calculate the RoI on your social media marketing efforts through quantifying customer engagement, measuring Earned Media Value, etc.

Gaining Valuable Insights
Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Now that you have the insights available, it’s time to Execute your decisions. The framework facilitates automation of the process execution – you can track the progress from initiation to closure. For example, an Unhappy Customers’ issue is routed to the Customer Care and an executive is assigned to look into the issue. Once the issue is closed, the customer is notified on the same and the ticket gets closed. Likewise, you can amplify the Delighted Customers’ Stories to gain the necessary mileage out of this, using SocialConnext.