“Reach the right Customers with Smart Engagement & Integrate them into Actionable Business Processes”
reach right customer

Reach right customer

Define target audience & segment them

Smart Engagement

Smart Engagement

Identify key influencers & SMEs and leverage user generated content for promotion

Actionable Business Process

Actionable Business Process

Quicker social response delivers happy customers which in turn enhances ROI

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  • Addresses the content gaps that occur in content life cycle
  • Leverages User Generated content and facilitates better content strategy results
  • Reach the right customers with the content that glorifies your intent
  • Get insights on the quality of your content and develop quality content to engage your customers
  • Leverages employees & customers as your brand champions in social media
  • Gamifies the process of content generation by users – Leaderboards, based on users’ reach, engagement and influence
  • Ensures reliable content posting through Governance – organizational policies are mapped as rules in the system and the content gets posted post approvals
  • Goes beyond tracking behavioral counts (Likes, Retweets, etc.) to identify customers’ emotions, using Decooda’s Cognitive Intelligence Machine
  • Uncovers the True Voice of Customer, by revealing the specific attributes that draw customers closer to you or push them away
SocialConnext User Generated Content


Reach right customers

Scientific way of content scoring


Competition analysis

Measures CLV

Reduced churn rate

Improved revenue

Ignored Noise

Employees incentivized based on transparent engagement model

Measurable Organizational Readiness

Happy Customers due to quicker response rate

Measurable Content Performance score index

No Learning curve for other departments

Improved Customer experience

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