Service Experience Platform

Augmenting Business Process experience to customers by securely orchestrating and on boarding enterprise services on customer preferred engagement channels. There can be multiple engagement channels like Facebook, Slack, Whatsapp, telegram etc.

Research and Conceptualization

Direct and Transparent interactions with customers without revamping business process.

Testing the Idea for Feasibility

Comprehensive integration of BPM and RPA with SXP enabling maintenance of user context across the systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence as the core of all processes.

Self Learning

Self Learning and adapting the best practices easily.

Service Experience Platform


  • A service experience framework independent of the frontend and backend elements.
  • Captures all modern user inputs (Voice, Text, Picture, Face recognition, emotion recognition, Video, etc..)and triggers respective business actions.
  • You can modify or create new services without the complexity of complete integration. Collaboration helps users to be in dialog with the business team and understand what actually is happening.
  • SXP is loosely coupled and is independent of Bot framework and back-end services.
  • Context is maintained among services which enables system to ask inputs that are essential.

Problems faced by enterprises

  • Lack of means to capacitate Enterprise business process services on customer preferred engagement channels
  • Services are embedded into customer conversations increasing the maintenance cost to add or modify a service
  • Incompetence of Business Process to self-learn from customer conversations
  • High implementation cost to add new input type such as Voice or text
  • Obviating repeated questions that frustrate the customer
  • No Realtime status updates to customer
  • Inability to track an issue when a service is extended across multiple systems
  • New implementation to the front-end or back-end involves huge investment


Direct customer interaction with enterprise business processes. Easy on boarding of enterprise services.

Realtime customer service status updates without revamping business process. Business have control on what status needs to be updated.

Components available as part of the standard BPM stack for a comprehensive integration with SXP.

SXP is independent of Front-end communication channels and back-end services. SXP hooks onto existing systems easily with low investment.

User context is maintained across services which enhances customer experience as questions are not repeated.

Unified logging helps in better trace-ability of issues and leads to quicker resolution.

Provision to map the complete journey of a user, from the channel conversation until the fulfillment of service. Enables business process to learn on its own.

Industry best practices adopted easily.

Tailored NLU for understanding customer intent specific to the Industry vertical.

Secure and GDPR compliant software interactions between front-end and enterprise back-end.

No Learning curve for other departments

Improved Customer experience

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