Mobility for Retail

There is a fundamental change in today’s retail landscape, fueled by market fragmentation, changing consumer behavior, and the rise of experiences versus products. To respond to this, retailers must embrace new ways of doing business and re-engineer how they connect with customers. They need to go ‘phygital’, blending the physical and digital experiences, deploying innovative technologies and testing everything from unconventional logistics solutions to alternative payment options. Essentially, it boils down to meeting the customers where they are. But, retailers should be mindful of the role technology can play in their stores to ensure that it’s a pleasant experience for their customers.

Why in-store engagement matters?

Retailers increasingly are looking to technology as a differentiating factor. They are embracing, and investing in, artificial intelligence, robots and virtual reality among other high-tech innovations, for their stores. Also, they are investing in analytics to understand how shoppers behave in their stores, how often they visit and what they buy from them.

Mobility for Retail

“According to a recent survey by Mobile Marketer, 51 % respondents who use retail mobile apps use them while shopping in-store: to redeem in-store discounts, compare prices, view product ratings, and to find products.”

This is a fantastic opportunity for retailers to enhance customer experience, while building loyalty and driving in-store sales. Also, they can deepen their understanding of customer needs and wants, by better engaging them in-store.

How can TechSophy help Retailers?

TechSophy offers intelligent mobile apps that draw upon Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:
Targeted Customer

Precisely targeted customer profiling per product offering, by digging deeper into consumer behavior

Retailers Brands

Deeper understanding of customers’ present and future needs, so that customers are constantly engaged with the retailer’s brands

Greet Customers

Greet customers, find out what they are looking for and quickly guide them to respective aisles in the store

Real time discounts

Real-time stock availability for the products customers want, along with discounts & offers related information and recommend available alternatives as needed

Mobility retail

Enhance customer experience with necessary additional information on the products of their interest – source, processing method, environmental conscience, etc.