Taking the Plunge

  • Skills for the source & target BPM platforms
  • Standards and best practices
  • Identifiying the early migration candidates

Migration Complexities

  • Resources, costs, timelines and quality
  • Project management and code reviews
  • Test case generation and test execution

Post Migration Scenario

  • Changes in UI / UX and user training
  • System integration and data migration
  • Parallel operations and support

How MiGile helps you?

  • Cross-Platform BPM Migration Solution (Pega to Activiti, Metastorm to Process Suite, Metastorm to Activiti, and more…)
  • Automates majority of the migration efforts – Processes, Forms, Rules, and UI Definitions
  • 50-60% Cost Savings and 60-70% Time Savings compared to manual migration, without a compromise on quality
  • Retains the Same UI – No need for end-user training and user documentation update
  • Executable Processes on the new BPM platform right from Sprint 1, leveraging agile migration
  • Ready-made Sprint Backlog, covering migrated and semi migrated components, along with manual tasks
  • Executable Test Cases for testing applications on the target platform, post automated migration
How TechSophy ensures successful migration for you
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