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Our strengths
  • A premium engineering team to achieve beyond the possibilities you envision
  • Design thinking skills to smartly reframe the questions and solve your problems
  • In-house frameworks to reduce costs and time-to-market
  • Ability to build intelligent web and mobile applications
Self Correcting and Healing Processes


End-to-end portfolio of services from ideation to continuous innovation:

Outsourced Product Development

Our approach

We are listening and visualizing as you tell us your dream. Unfolding the requirements for fulfilling it, in terms of tool choices, strategic decisions, and we are dreaming alongside. Between you and us, we will be able to do enough to make your vision come true.

Our key value to clients lies in how we do effective product scoping and develop successful growth strategies:

  • We design the dream product based on a profound insight into the aspects that users would want and appreciate while using the product, and how to present them with those features in the best possible way
  • While sharply defining the current product, we consider a long-term perspective on the future product, and build products that can scale as necessary and stay compatible with other internal and related third-party systems

As our client, you are an active participant and contributor because you bring your knowledge of the current thinking, as well as the constraints that will apply overall to our execution. And real success is achieved in challenging conditions, when we cope with unexpected hurdles and strive to keep up to the timelines.


BPM Application Delivery... Accelerated!

How DOBPM (DevOps for BPM Applications) works?

  • Designed to meet the release management demands of applications built on BPM platforms – OpenText, Alfresco Process Services, Oracle, Pega, etc.
  • Accelerates application development and streamlines release management for SOA based applications
  • Built-in feature set exclusively to suit the needs of Development, QA, Release and PMO teams
  • Enhances QMS implementation for the IT enterprise
  • Integrates with external systems like JIRA, Bugzilla, Test Manager, etc.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of project progress through a simple dashboard

Self Correcting & Healing Processes

Self-Correcting & Healing Processes are the ones that can detect probable delays or exceptional behavior in execution of a process and correct it themselves or escalate to handle the situation. Some use cases can be like trying to restart the system which is unresponsive or redirecting the request to a different server to process the request. Below is a use case for one of our customers in real estate domain.

Customer Scenario

Our customer is a premium real estate developer based out of Dubai and executing in Africa and India. They are currently building the tallest tower in Africa outside South Africa. They have very strict timelines to follow to be able to deliver it to their customers apart from the cost of the capital involved.

Project planning plays a key role in managing and executing a project of this magnitude. It is vital to ensure that the things get done as per the plan on time and handle the probable issues that can cause delays in the execution. It was getting very difficult to understand the bottlenecks and delays to come up with the backup plans or for workarounds when multiple parties and coordination across geographies, skillset is involved.

Though the business processes were in place, they were not smart enough to understand the bottlenecks to notify or escalate when required. Either escalating always or never till the problem actually happened which unfortunately makes it very difficult to react. This especially when 100’s of millions of dollars is involved was getting to scary proportions.

Our Solution

We have proposed and implemented intelligent processes that get to know the average time and costs that are required (from history) to execute the next steps before hand and set a timer on the next set of activities with inputs on the average costs. If the timer gets fired, the process notifies or escalates based on the need and restarts the step and tries to take a different route than before to get the work done. E.g., Assigning to a different user / group, cancelling the current vendor and finding the next best vendor, etc. With this approach in place along with the escalation processes, it made the life very easy for the customer to handle the delays better and bring them down significantly.

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