Collaborative Decision-making

The collaboration for decision making might lead to disagreements. In order to supervise the disagreements, disseminating the information based on all necessary security controls will help in making enhanced buy into the decision. This further reinforces the possibility of successful decision execution.

The integrated prediction mechanisms that are both manual or instinct based, should facilitate the possibility of decision execution. The automated intelligence (including machine learning of the past decisions & results) should yield a score of the possibility of a decision being executed and the possibility of executed it in time.

Collaborative Decision making
exception identification

Exception identification

Identify the exceptions with the help of insights

facts from insights

Facts from insights

The machine identifies the facts and anticipates the possible decisions

informed decision

Informed decision

Better decisions with the help of intelligent machines

collaborative decision making

More accurate

The incorporation of artificial intelligence makes for more accurate, higher-quality decisions.

more consistent

More consistent

You have reduced the variability of decision outcomes