The key to lucrative growth of any company is the ability to furnish a great customer experience. Fulfilling this goal is still a struggle for many companies. we can help you achieve this!

“I’ve been trying to get a digital strategy approved for a year now. We know our customers are not satisfied. But, I don’t have enough insights to escalate the decision.”

Understand where you stand

reach right customer

A clear distinction between what customers talk about most and what truly impacts their behavior

clear distinction

Reveal the moments that matter the most to your customers, in the light of strong and weak signals


The best leading indicators to future behavior of customers so that you can act with confidence

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Our CX I Q Approach

Our CX I.Q approach

To uncover the ‘why’ behind the customer experience, we go beyond measuring scores and indices like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). The typical Likert question is followed up with a unique, carefully crafted Imaginative Question (I.Q.).

The responses are analyzed to detect sentiment, emotions and cognitive states to understand how customers think, feel and act about a product, experience or brand, and reveal how those thoughts and feelings translate into behavior.

How we do it?

We leverage cognitive psychology, deep learning and artificial intelligence to accurately analyze customer interactions across all channels in real-time. The massive parallel processing grid platform is combined with the advanced text and cognitive analytics engine, for this purpose.

We ingest data from all feedback channels, including social, online and mobile and our rules-based, automated case management helps you respond to customer feedback in real-time. The audit, compliance and governance engine automatically tracks and reports on all aspects of the collaborative communications process.