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The technology is changing at a faster pace is not news anymore. We believe that the power of digital has brought a new set of opportunities: Adopt, adapt and adept Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance the relevance and accuracy of your decisions.

TechSophy’s approach to anomaly detection:

Automatic Anomaly Detection

TechSophy integrates multidimensional baselining, AI & ML to detect when things haven’t behaved as expected, and the decisions aren’t obvious. ML helps to see and understand the anomaly and enable the AI engine with information needed for decision making.

Focus on the problems that matter

Not every violation is a problem, and not all problems are created equal. AI determines whether an anomaly has an actual or potential impact on the process. Based on the impact judgement, AI makes the right decision and/or notify the user if there is a need for attention or intervention.

Eliminate wrong alerts

Not all anomalies need an intervention! Interruptions for every such anomalies are unwanted for business. TechSophy consolidates all related performance issues into a single actionable notification. Less noise, more problem-solving.

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