Robotic Process Automation

The latest approach to automation is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which takes less time and money to deploy, is much more flexible, and yields improvements in efficiency and accuracy.

TechSophy has expanded its business process consulting and automation capabilities to include RPA implementation. With its vast experience in helping data-driven, service-oriented businesses improve margins and boost productivity, TechSophy delivers excellent service and superior results.

Decisions Execution Robotic Process Automation

Compared to traditional automation or outsourcing services, RPA possesses truly game-changing advantages that offer a very high ROI over the long term, including:

robotic process automation

Robots can perform duties around the clock, improving availability

operating costs

Reduces operating costs with a value-driven pricing structure


Does not require changes to underlying processes or systems

less time

Take less time and investment to retrain on new processes and systems than humans

improves information security

Improves information security by reducing human access to business data

automated procedures

Automated procedures become fully auditable

improves accuracy

Improves accuracy and compliance to business rules, reducing business risk

real time performance analytics

Provides real-time performance analytics and reports

human workers

Human workers can move from boring repetitive work to complex, creative business roles, improving employee job satisfaction