Digital AI assistants are becoming increasingly popular with the number of people wanting to use the technology to get various things done. Asking digital assistants for setting the reminders, taking notes, calling someone etc. Similarly, you can now enable TechSophy’s Bizbots to let your customers ask for any information or perform actions on your website for them. You can have a customized Bizbot for your business to keep up with the fast pacing technology.

All the above things are done simply by giving simple voice or text commands to the Bizbots that process them and hit the right service to fetch the information or to perform the action for your customers.

In case you run a car, servicing business and expose the Bizbots skill to your customers by using which they can schedule a service, or know the status, etc.

If you are into banking, how cool would it be to have Bizbots for your customers to transfer the funds or know their balance, etc.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence
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