Corporate Social Responsibility

eyeSmart EMR app (Digital India)

We were deeply touched when we learnt, how blindness in most lower-middle class families leads to significant reduction in survival of the family. TechSophy has helped L V Prasad Eye Institute (A World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Prevention of Blindness) to develop the eyeSmart EMR App.

The institute gets their trained help to visit all homes (door-to-door) in the remote villages of India. All the clinical data is recorded in a tablet / mobile application from the door steps of patients through a survey. Using a predefined process, it is then seamlessly synced with the central server over the cloud. Based on the immediate findings of the local medical assistant, the needy are redirected to the nearest Doctor / Technician for further help. Apart from this, the data can be leveraged in several other ways – for creating large public health maps, finding out the root causes for blindness among the poor, coming up with effective prevention mechanisms, etc.

eye Smart EMR app Digital India

eyeSmart EMR App was launched at Peddakarpamula (a remote village in Mahbubnagar district, Telangana, India). It is with great satisfaction that TechSophy has seen the roll out of one such application that matters. It’s been a dream come true for many!

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Vehicle Tracking System Nirbhaya application

Vehicle Tracking System (Nirbhaya application)

Entire India (and the world) was shattered by one of the most heinous crimes on its soil off late, “The Nirbhaya Case”. TechSophy has developed the Vehicle Tracking System (called Nirbhaya application), to ensure fearless travel for women cab commuters in Hyderabad, India. Developed for Cyberabad Commissionerate (the City Police Organization for Hyderabad), the application captures the necessary information about the cab women are travelling in and the respective emergency contact numbers. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, this information can be shared with police and the family members of the commuter, in order to ensure their safety and security.

Telangana Housing Scheme (Double Bedroom Scheme)

Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited (TSHCL) aims to bring dignity to each and every Below Poverty Line (BPL) family by assisting them, both financially and technically, for construction of permanent (Pucca) houses. The scheme basically aims to provide dignified living conditions for the poor, who otherwise had to live in slums and similar other inhabitable environs.

TechSophy has partnered with the Government of Telangana, to enhance lives of the poor in the state, through Telangana Housing Scheme. We have brought in a transparent system of identifying the deserving applicants through end-to-end evaluation of the applicant’s social and economic status. We have leveraged Open Source based document management technologies for the same, to reduce the costs for the government and also bring in the required flexibility in executing the project successfully.

eyeSmart EMR app Digital India

TechSophy is proud of these little contributions towards the society and will continue to chip in for the betterment of communities we live in.