Why brands need SocialConnext?


Most consumers read online product reviews, testimonials and endorsements prior to making a purchase decision. Recent studies find that 81% of people look at products online before making a purchase. The most successful brands have a strong social presence that leverages their customers and employees to advocate on their behalf.

There are many social media tools available to help brands manage their social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) However, in order to effectively and efficiently manage a brand’s social media presence, businesses need a robust social media management solution that captures the entire social media presence and analysis of a company in a single dashboard.

SocialConnext is a comprehensive social media management solution. SocialConnext paves the way for businesses to gamify User Generated Content (UGC) and convert consumers’ social emotions into business actions.

Businesses can benefit from SocialConnext:

SocialConnext Concept

Gain valuable customer insights
  • Social media makes it easier than ever before for businesses to understand their customers. SocialConnext provides comprehensive reports on brand promoters and brand detractors so companies can leverage them accordingly.
  • SocialConnext tracks the social emotions of your audience and segments them into either a promoter or detractor which allows companies to distinguish better-quality leads in the process and accelerate actions to be triggered in the internal ecosystem of the company.
  • SocialConnext monitors brand detractors so your CRM team can manage the issues to quick resolution, minimizing any viral amplification of the situation.
Understand your competitors and validate your strategies
  • SocialConnext monitors your competitors to provide a better understanding of what they are offering in the market so you can better plan and frame your marketing strategies.
  • SocialConnext provides the flexibility to share social posts to geography-specific audiences. This enables improved targeting and better engagement on your posts.
Share content faster and govern your posts
  • SocialConnext allows you to quickly share content to all the major social platforms with preset governance content filters that ensure the content meets brand standards for quality.
Constant Engagement
  • SocialConnext empowers your employees to become brand representatives and influencers by posting authentic brand content.
  • Track your team performance and reward the top performing team members. SocialConnext provides reports on the top content engagers and most influential team members on social channels with the help of social scoring.

SocialConnext is a comprehensive social media management solution that effectively and efficiently manages a brand’s social media presence.

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