Social Media Challenges for businesses in the digital age

Social Media Challenges for businesses in the digital age

“B2B or B2C, it is always been P2P (People to People)”

Whether buying a car, planning a vacation or shopping for gifts, most people do basic research online to gather information. Product options are evaluated, prices are compared and delivery options are considered before the final decision is made. Woven within this evaluation process is enquiring about the product with trusted sources – friends, family, social circles, colleagues and online reviews. This information is indispensable, because

  • People provide more authentic feedback than brands – who are simply trying to sell their product!
  • People who have already purchased and are using the product provide genuine feedback because they are personally invested.

Digital content about a brand, product or experience has the ability to impact current customers’ and future buyer’s perceptions of the brand. Digital content can impact a purchase decision – positively or negatively or cause a current customer to churn.

There are several areas within the field of digital content that pose challenges to the business/brand:
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  • Good Will / Reputation Management – Bad customer experiences travel fast on social media. A bad review about a brand, event or a person can go viral very quickly. Although a quick response is usually the best policy for a positive outcome, in many cases the brand is the last one to know.
  • Customer Churn – Businesses can lose customers for many reasons: pricing, service, availability of options, negative or a host of other aspects of the customer experience.
  • Understanding the Customers – It is not enough to understand who their customers are in today’s world. Businesses must understand who their promoters or detractors are – and comprehend the power these people have to advocate on behalf of the brand or detract from it. That requires the business to understand what drives customer emotions and how these emotions influence their purchase behavior and the perception of the brand.
  • User-Generated Content – Managing user-generated social media challenges content and using it for brand promotion is a huge task. Curating content from social media feeds for brand promotion must be done carefully and wisely in order to be considered a “value-added” contributor to the conversation.
  • Monitoring & Maximizing Reach – Businesses seldom measure the reach and impact of organic social brand promotion. It can sometimes be difficult to correlate the increase in traction based on organic, consumer-generated promotional activities that are not directly driven by the brand.
  • Governance – Most businesses do not have control over the content that their employees’ post. It is possible that the content may violate organizational policies and negatively affect the brand reputation due to the lack of controls.
  • Integration – Integrating internal information systems with Social Media Analytics is an enormous task. The conversations, emotions, and insights need to seamlessly connect to CRM, Customer Care System, HRMS, etc. in order to understand and predict customer behavior.

SocialConnext, powered by TechSophy, helps businesses to better plan, execute, control and monitor their social media strategies by leveraging User Generated Content (created by you / your employees / SMEs / partners) in the best interests of businesses.

SocialConnext Overview
SocialConnext helps in the following ways:

  1. Monitors competition and supports better planning and validating social media strategies
  2. Ensures maximum potential reach for your marketing messages through gamification
  3. Reduces Churn Rate through continuous engagement
  4. Retrieves User Generated Content and enhances it for sharing across social channels with a single click
  5. Ensures reliable and accurate content posting from employees through governance
  6. Drastically reduces Issue Resolution Times, as actions are triggered in real-time, facilitated by integration with internal ecosystem
  7. Enhances Customer Experience by detecting the ‘why’ behind customer experience

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