Are you making the Right Decisions for your Enterprise?

Are you making the Right Decisions for your Enterprise

Decision making is a vital skill which needs constant improvement and attention from all of us. Be it business, or strictly personal issues; we’re always faced with choices and situations that demand a decision.

Every large enterprise now has an ERP, a CRM, A marketing solution and support/ ticketing solution to name a few and many more technology systems. It does have quite a few departments and sub-departments. So, what makes a decision better? Does having policies and organizational structure in place that were created and are well-maintained facilitate better decision making? Let’s take a glimpse at the scenarios below.

Have you ever heard this story on your shop floor?

“Those guys in finance and vendor management have no clue and don’t care about this component.”

“why vendor XYZ’s component is better than ABC’s?”

How about this in the sales team?

“The guys in the product team have no clue what the customers think, no customer understands this feature.”

And god knows how many more such scenarios.

organization happen collaborativelyDoes decision making in your organization happen collaboratively or is it always driven by the power centers (not just up or down)? Did you ever feel that people who are smart and have knowledge are missed out in the decision-making? Or You have received a lot of information, but haven’t gained the right insights?

I would assume, we must have heard these questions and many alternative answers (mostly not positive)?

Is it that difficult to build systems which can make decision making easier; collaboratively and ensure all the right insights are in place?

We believe success in any enterprise revolves around the decision making and execution by their leadership and execution team. Success over extended periods can be achieved by the leaders of the enterprise when they can make the decisions in a transparent, collaborative fashion based on clear, correct and meaningful information that offers insights without getting biased by all the noise and insanely abundant data available in the modern day. Most of the success beyond that is based on how well the decisions are executed and automated to the extent possible keeping the customers and supply chain in mind.

We at Techsophy strive to achieve the decision making and execution by providing the right insights and enable the decision-making leveraging collaborative self-learning processes and systems. We then offer a comprehensive set of technologies to automate/provide for the decision execution to facilitate enterprise business growth and success.

To be honest, it’s not science we are inventing, and it is not something we invented at Techsophy. However, we believe that we have built solutions and systems to make it easier not just to use but also to roll out.

Decision making plays a significant role in deciding the future of any enterprise! Stay tuned for more on this from TechSophy. Get in touch with us to understand how you can enhance your organization’s decision-making.

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