Machine Learning: What’s in it for you?

Human Machine Learning

Machine Learning has become the newfound interest of many techies in the recent times. But, Have you ever considered this question? Why machine learning interests you? It is essential to understand what you want machine learning to do for you. Machine learning might have caught your attention for varied reasons.

Perhaps you are drawn towards it due to the love for the new technology or maybe because you have had a glimpse of the technology and you think it is cool. But, what you want to achieve out of it is something you must ponder upon.

Let’s consider a few factors as to what you want from machine learning.

What do you want from machine learning?
Solve a Problem

Do you think you can find a solution to your problem with the help of Machine Learning?

It could solve a problem that most of the people are facing at large scale or a problem at work. It is an opportunity you see in the market. However, you perceive machine learning as a tool you can learn and apply to a problem.

In this case, learning tools with which you can implement algorithms quickly might interest you. You are more likely to be involved in using the tools innovatively, such as the case studies on the problem you want to solve.

Technical Achievement

Do you consider machine learning as a mark of achievement?

Machine learning might be your favorite technical field, and you find contentment from learning new and challenging technologies and tools. Perhaps you consider machine learning as the next significant opportunity for growth. This could prove to be a chance to demonstrate your abilities to learn and master technical materials.

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in books of algorithms where you can fast track getting an understanding of a method and how to use it without having to get down into the latest research. You will also very likely be interested in completing courses, entering competitions and implementing algorithms yourself.

Machine Learning

Extend the Field

Are you someone who already has some experience in machine learning and want to expand the horizon of the field?

Maybe you have been around the block with machine learning and read a book or completed a course. You have found a question or a method that you just can’t put down and not only do you want to go deep on that method, but you want to push the boundaries of what that method can do and has been shown to be capable of.

If this sounds familiar, you may be interested in an in-depth subject matter on the subject such as research papers and monographs. You may also be very interested in hearing expert opinions on the subject and exactly where the edges of the frontier are.

Achieve the impossible

You have some experience with machine learning, and you have some domain expertise, and you want to do things in your domain that are not possible without machine learning. This is potentially the extension of the field using the experience and capabilities provided by machine learning.

You will be interested in methodologies from data mining to automatic discovery of patterns. You will also very likely be interested in case studies of innovations and extensions made by machine learning methods in similar domains.

So, Have you realized what you want from machine learning? Tell us today.

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