Listening to the voice of customer

Listening to the voice of customer

Every organization has a unique way of interacting with customers based on its organizational culture, a system of shared assumptions, values, beliefs, and behaviors that govern people’s behavior within the organization. The way employees of an organization interact with customers creates the image or perception of the company to its customers. Even more, every customer’s perception is unique as it is not merely about the way the organization interacts with the customers, but also includes the way the customers perceive it.

Customer experience is the cumulative effect of customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by each interaction with an organization’s employees, systems, channels or products. Therefore, it is not enough to merely group the customer perceptions into a set of bands by asking a series of rating questions (typically on a scale of 0 to 10). These questions barely break through the surface of customer’s feelings and do not come near understanding the true voice of the customer.
 Voice of customerCustomer experience is the cumulative effect
It is important to listen to the customer’s opinion in their own words. Let’s take surveys as an example. As the organization determines which questions will be asked on a customer satisfaction survey, they are making choices as to what they determine to be important – not necessarily what is critical to the customer. They are, in fact, restricting their customers from providing them with feedback on things that are important them.

Imaginative Question
This way, organizations can’t truly get to the authentic Voice of customer voice of the customer. To enable companies overcome this hurdle, we have created an “Imaginative Question” to capture the “Customer Experience” and offers a way for customers to provide feedback to an organization that is truly important to them. Here, the customers are not restricted to a series of questions that never get to the heart of what they care about. An AI-based platform then analyzes the customer feedback to determine the key performance indicators, in order of importance, so organizations can focus on what is indeed important to their customers.

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