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There have always been rapid changes in the way we interact with the machines. The latest wave that has emerged is the Conversational Interface. In some ways, it is just a simple command given through a text-based medium. But the key differentiator lies in the user’s ability to interact with the machine using natural language. The user doesn’t need to know the exact commands.

This change is tenuous but radical. Let us try understanding the various benefits of conversational interface and how enterprises would benefit from them.

Increasing user attention

The users of the ‘z’ generation have lesser attention span when compared to a goldfish. They are easily distracted by various external factors. So, when the standard interface provides all the information at once, the users are usually confused by multiple inputs.

What´s interesting is that in the case of conversational interface, information is provided progressively under user´s command. It also provides one clear call to action for each user interaction with the system. In this way, we could increase user attention and provide information only if needed. Consequently, we will get better user engagement.

Less user frustration

Users have a very high expectation of AI. On the contrary, NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies are still in their infancy. Users, therefore, have a low tolerance towards the error rate of a chatbot.

With the conversational interface, we have a quick solution for this problem. We can solve this problem by limiting user inputs to just a few options. Instead of asking openly what the user want, we can proactively offer him some choices so he can get what he is looking for with fewer taps. Some of them might argue that it would restrict users’ freedom. However, the reality is, it’s better to allow fewer options than to dissatisfy users by not understanding their request/command.
conversational interface

Better Cost-effectiveness

Another great advantage of  Conversational Interface is its cost-effectiveness. Implementing an NLP technology is quite expensive, a vendor could charge a high price for an initial implementation. In addition, there are hidden costs associated with human agent support and AI training during first few months after the deployment.

In the conversational interface, the price is comparatively lower, as it based on web technology. Additionally, it doesn’t have any post-deployment cost compared to NLP. Once it is deployed, it needs minimum or no human interference and can work autonomously. It does need continuous improvement to make the user interaction frictionless but usually at a fraction of the cost of NLP´s AI training.

In short, we are moving from us having to learn how to interact with computers to computers learning how to communicate with us. So, it’s time your Enterprise adopts conversational interface and make your services more user-friendly with the help of conversational interface. Talk to us to know more!


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