Amazon Alexa: To Accelerate your Business Processes

Amazon Alexa To Accelerate your Business Processes

Amazon Alexa reigns supreme in the war for digital assistant supremacy at CES (formerly The International Consumer Electronics Show). Not only has Alexa become popular with consumers, but is also gaining acclaim among enterprises. It is facilitating a massive shift in the way we interact with machines and has become one of the most successful applications that the new advances in artificial intelligence have brought out.

Alexa is an intelligent personal voice assistant developed by Amazon in 2014. It is always on and wakes up with a voice command. It can search the web, create calendar events, order products, manage your bank account, and perform a host of other tasks in the blink of an eye.

Alexa is based on natural language processing and speech recognition. The spoken request is sent to a connected set of systems, from where the necessary data is fetched, and a response is sent back to Alexa, all within a matter of seconds.

how alexa for business works

TechSophy has leveraged the knowledge and expertise of Amazon Alexa to build new custom skills for customers and simplify their complex business processes.

Below are a couple of sample customer use cases:

Real Estate

A large business conglomerate, operating across agriculture, mining, real estate and sports domains in various parts of the world, uses Amazon Alexa as a personal assistant for their real estate division senior management team to stay updated on the status of any project, at any time, through a simple voice command. Alexa essentially pulls the data from the relevant internal IT system, so senior executives don’t need to refer to a series of IT applications to learn what’s happening with a given project – saving their precious time and efforts in the process.

The team can also drill down to the details to get specific insights into critical aspects like

  • Projects that need immediate attention (cases like delayed, stalled, cost overrun, etc.)
  • Vendor payments that need to be cleared immediately
  • Receivables that are due from the customers
  • Initiating a new business process (e.g., payment approvals, assigning/reassigning tasks, etc.)

A leading retail chain uses Amazon Alexa as a customer-facing digital assistant. Customers visiting the store, interact with Alexa to find the products they are looking for and the necessary product details. Customers can query Alexa on availability / expected arrival of products, pricing, warranty / guarantee related information, etc. The Alexa devices have been placed within a superhero and a princess toy inside the store. This placement added a cool factor to the entire interaction process and was a huge hit – especially among the kids! There was a significant increase in foot traffic for the retailer.

Hello Alexa!

Amazon Alexa has many possibilities for businesses! Stay tuned for more on this from TechSophy. Contact us to learn how we can build an Amazon Alexa system for your business needs.

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