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The chances of getting this decision right are good if you have a clear idea of what you are going to consider before making it.  It is a big decision. You are looking for not just a dependable vendor but an ally committed to your project’s success. One who will consistently go beyond the brief.


Design thinking skills that help to smartly reframe the questions and solve the problems.
Non-bloat pricing, justified by the actual delivery.
Genuinely interested in your product/project, and not in it only for the fee.  This is important in how we at Techsophy make a decision to engage with someone.
Specialising in working on RoR projects with startups – this is important to empathise, to grasp the mindset and respect the constraints.
Understanding of strategy frameworks, business models, and product development.
Develop successful (it’s important to aim ambitiously) growth strategies, effective product scoping.
Collaborative sketching and rapid prototyping to create a differentiated product.

Finally, you would be speaking and working with people here at Techsophy who entirely understand that you are perpetually short on time.  We know exactly how hard it is to find the right players for each field of expertise. This can slow you down, and you might discover you have added more points of failure because you could not progress fast enough.  This is the reason our Emerging Technologies team has expanded its  software development capabilities  to undertake an End-to-End solution, because it maximizes your likelihood of a market success

Here’s where you can explore these important questions. Reach out by telling us a little about your consulting, and send in an inquiry. Or two. Or three.

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