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We are a core Ruby on Rails team who are keenly aware that your users will experience a great UI, and that all the code architecture patterns are only between us.  If you are looking to get to market quickly with a great minimum viable product, read on.

Having said the above, which is most critical, we’d like you to know that we offer innovation consulting for startups. There’s only so much that a clean interface and a contemporary design style can do for you, what you will need is to strengthen your value proposition and we help our start-up clients get there.

Our clients have come to expect us to deliver a great experience design which works for them in the market, and that is robust and appealing.  We develop the API eco-system through our RoR implementation, and when we hand over, the client is not anxious about technical features, but can instead focus on growing their business to the next level. They are thinking about how to get more users, and even the next round of funding.

Not only do our clients appreciate the cost-effective approach we take with our Open Source expertise with Ruby On Rails and in-house frameworks, they understand our UX design strengths, and our thoroughgoing project management. 360-degree digital marketing with social presence, online branding and customized creation of interactive content are some of the other Marketing Services we provide to our clients.


Choose a transparent partner to work with.  How can you know your project is in the right hands?  Do the promised demos take place on time?  Are demos nearly always successful?  Are you shown results or given excuses?

The client, that’s you, and us, your consultants and development team are actually working towards a moving target, it changes shape almost every month. It helps a great deal to communicate – issues, setbacks, course corrections, a new inspiration – because there are a lot of discoveries to share.


Our Emerging Technologies team here at Techsophy adheres to standards for transparency that it has set for itself. So you can know the situation exactly at any given time.

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