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We are the Emerging Tech group at TechSophy. We are a nucleus of highly talented engineers from the best colleges in India (IITs, BITS, NITs etc.). We love building highly scalable, beautiful web and mobile applications. We know the pulls and perils of a startup journey, having been there ourselves. We absolutely love working with startups. Each one of us is passionate about startups and we believe we have built a pretty remarkable team here.

See and judge for yourself.

Our Team

Varma PSK


Varma is the founder and president of TechSophy.

He is a serial entrepreneur and is our go to person for all kinds of strategy and business decisions.

He has 20+ years of experience in building products and solutions for companies of all sizes; from Fortune 100 companies to startups at an idea stage.

A passionate technologist, Varma dreams of becoming an active developer again some day.

Varma holds an engineering degree from BITS Pilani.

Ramkumar Venkatasubramanian


Ram is an ex-entrepreneur and is a Ruby/ Rails evangelist. He loves Ruby, Linux and the Open Source culture.He discovered Ruby on Rails while looking for a suitable backend for his mobile apps and there was no looking back.

Ram has over 10 years of experience in building software. Ram leads the Cloud architecture and deployment story for us and loves solving problems of scale.

Ram is an avid reader, in particular the fantasy genre and hopes to one day write a book of his own. He is also a huge fan of Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

Ram has an engineering degree from IIT Madras.

Viswanath Kommalapati


Viswanath is an ex-entrepreneur and is our Swiss army knife. He loves Ruby, is very fluent with Javascript and has spent several years building mobile apps. He is our go to guy for exploring new technologies. Viswanath has over 10 years of experience, almost all of it in building products. Viswanath is our code quality hawk and enforces adherence to our processes.

Viswanath loves traveling and the outdoors. He has done several high altitude hikes and hopes to one day scale the Everest. He is also a big fan of Metal music and his favorite bands are Iron Maiden, Opeth, and Dream Theater.

Viswanath has an engineering degree from IIT Madras.

Ravi Teja

Mobile Dev Lead


RoR Lead


RoR Hacker

Mohammed Ashfaq

Mobile App/ JS Hacker

Deeptanshu Singh

RoR Hacker

Upendra Singh

RoR Hacker

Madhu Kumar

Web Designer

Nikitha Chandra

Mobile App/ JS Hacker

Harsha Nistala

Mobile App/ JS Hacker

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