Are you getting your UGC strategy right?

One of the all-time famous brands on social media leverages UGC (User Generated Content)
from its Subject Matter Experts and Consumers to redefine customer experience

One of the largest digital brands leveraged TechSophy’s UGC Solution to increase its customer base by over 50%. The customer is one among the early adopters of social media for business. They have invested heavily in social media but were not sure on mapping these efforts to revenue. TechSophy helped them understand the social media marketing ROI and supported them to enhance the returns.

How we create the magic?

SocialConnext is a Comprehensive Word-of-Mouth-Marketing (WOMM) Solution that lays down the path to gamify User Generated Content and convert users’ social emotions into business actions for you.


  • Listening tools monitor the Social Media to fetch all the business / brand related content from across the channels
  • Posts are classified as User Generated / Brand Generated Content
  • User Generated Content is further classified to understand brand promoters / detractors
  • All the detractor cases are assigned to Customer Care so that agents can talk to the customers and understand their perspectives and help them accordingly


  • Content generated by Promoters is further classified based on the content type
  • Video content is glorified using EpicMakers (Uber for Video Editing)
  • Text and images are enhanced by the market research team


  • Glorified content is shared with customers for their approval
  • Post approvals, content is shared across customer, business and SocialConnext social channels for maximum reach


  • Once the content is shared in social media, scoring is done based on the engagement users generate
  • As per the scores, a customer leaderboard developed
  • Customers who top the leaderboard are incentivized accordingly for being excellent brand ambassadors

To know more details and to see if our UGC solution can solve your business problem, do get in touch with us today.