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Robust Business Process Management (BPM) solutions demand a business process perspective to a problem rather than a typical application development mindset. In our experience, applications tend to be more agile and deliver significantly superior value, when built with a BPM Mindset than otherwise. The reason being, developers with a business process mindset can foresee issues earlier and thus can come up with remedial measures quicker.

Our research reveals that experience in BPM platforms and tools, without a BPM Mindset, would actually do more harm than not having the BPM experience at all. And this becomes more critical for Case Management, Rules Management and Real-time Decision Making scenarios. Thus, we recommend a “BPM First, Tool Next” approach to customers, in order to avoid the pitfalls in BPM journey and achieve optimal process efficiency.

We, at TechSophy, firmly believe that a BPM Mindset will prevail over all other attributes, when it comes to building best-of-the-breed BPM solutions. Business process mindset is entrenched across our organization – right from senior management to architects, process analysts, project / program managers, developers and testers. Also, we lay a lot of emphasis on BPM Mindset while recruiting fresh / lateral talent into the organization and nurture them accordingly on their journey to engineering agile enterprises.


TechSophy has rich experience in building world-renowned BPM products, coupled with innate knowledge of each and every element of a Process Management platform. This expertise is augmented by our proprietary frameworks and tools that act as force multipliers for any BPM implementation:

MiGile – Agile migration for BPM platforms
DevOps for BPM
TaasPro – Testing as a Service for BPM

We ensure longevity of your BPM Platforms, while accelerating the development. Some salient features of our agile-based strategy include Rapid Prototyping, Test Automation, DevOps, and Production Monitoring.



For several of our customers across industry verticals, we’ve ensured quicker time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership:

Seamless business operations, for manufacturing companies
Tightly integrated back-end systems, for banks
Seamless addition and integration of sales channels, for insurance service providers
Optimized supply chains from suppliers to the end customer, for logistics companies
Smoother mergers and acquisitions, for clients at large
Compliance of budgeting process, from pilot to the final project, for power companies

With an inherent BPM Mindset, we have always ensured on-time delivery for clients well within their budgets (90% of the projects are delivered on-time and within budget, while the remaining have <10% of cost and time overruns; And the cost and time overrun industry average is anywhere between 30-50%! for all projects in general). We bring in process efficiencies and enhance RoI for Global Fortune 500 companies and SMEs alike. Some of our key achievements over the years include:

Accelerated Time-to-Market by 40% through Seamless Release Management, for a Financial Services giant
Ensured Zero Data Loss and Quicker RoI Realization through Agile Migration, for an Energy Management specialist
Brought down Total Cost of Ownership by 30% through Test Automation, for a leading Health Insurer
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