Testing as a Service for BPM Applications

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Need for Test Automation

test automation

Testing is a key aspect to ensure that your returns on IT investments don’t go bad. Comprehensive testing and ability to test repeatedly play a major role in deciding the output quality of your delivery team.

Automated testing provides some of the greatest advantages in Continuous Deployment Process. It shortens the release cycle, in turn allowing for fewer changes to be checked in more frequently. Integrating fewer changes per build increases the likelihood of a successful build. Requirements defined during the planning stage are assigned to an upcoming release and are targeted for a specific branch within the code repository, for development. Tests are defined before the actual development begins (test-driven development). Business users and developers collaborate to define automated tests that must be passed in order for changes to move into production, from development.

Let’s TaaS…

Unfortunately, most of the BPM applications cannot be tested automatically by clients as out-of-the-box tools do not support UI rendering with the frameworks and custom development involved. We realized the same and dug deep into it to build the necessary frameworks for BPM product companies. We have leveraged existing open source tools and built adapters / wrappers to enable automation or ease testing by enhancing the coverage.

We enable multi-browser testing, adherence to security and coding standards and much more. Our client engagements are based more on a deliverable-based model than a proposal-based one.


Engagement Model

Unit-based billing (e.g. A form with less than 20 fields is considered as 1 unit)
Leveraging Test Script and Test Data Generation tools for seamless automation
Solution for customers to transparently upload scenarios or scenarios can be created from a walk through (or from requirements document) and then automated
Significantly lower TCO, with comparatively higher value-add, through automation
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