Why people matter?

92% of consumers “believe in recommendations from friends and family” over all other forms of advertising (Nielsen)
77% of consumers are “more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family” (Nielsen)
64% of marketing executives believe “word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing” – WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association)

Unlocking people potential

Trusted brands worldwide have one thing in common – they treat their people (employees), as their biggest asset. If your people speak for you out there in the market, nothing like it (and you very well know what happens if they behave otherwise!)

We strongly believe that people are at the heart of the organization and it makes sense to enable them to be your brand ambassadors. At TechSophy, we work with you to build social brand through your people, for an effective and sustainable customer engagement, leading to maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

About SocialConnext

SocialConnext, a comprehensive solution to brand building through leveraging people potential, has born out of our conviction that “people trust people”. It helps in sustaining your social media vision by monitoring the social reach and enhancing EMV (Earned Media Value) of your people. SocialConnext also enables to leverage the existing social media assets, to ensure maximum RoI (Return on Investment) for you.



Effectively connect with your clients / vendors / partners for Greater Cumulative Value


Grow the client base by expanding your social reach


Rewards and Recognition for influencing employees and SMEs


Build, drive, measure and improve social engagement with stakeholders


Define a governance plan and track SMEs for adherence across all social media platforms

Value Proposition


Set the standards and get employees onto a platform, for cohesive execution
Register and monitor users, for their social media performance
Leverage content for maximum returns, through data-driven insights
Gamify the entire SME advocacy process and incentivize best performers
Define a governance process and monitor process adherence

Case in Point

A leading multinational computer technology company in the US leverages SocialConnext to effectively engage with their customers in social media.
Our Client’s SMEs could convince one of their customers, to invest in the new hardware by providing timely insights, through Effective Social Media Engagement-powered by SocialConnext!
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