Smart Process Applications

In order to remain competitive, enterprises need to merge their processes with real-time intelligence. While a BPM suite can combine its feature set with real-time data to streamline and optimize processes, analytics can trigger performance-based events and dynamically manage the business process flow.

Smart Process Applications (SPA) are an emerging category of applications, with a potential to grow at ~60% CAGR, according to Forrester and other leading IT research firms. These applications are aimed at incorporating analytics and context awareness to advise the user on the next steps, as a part of process optimization. Our ingrained expertise in product and solution development has ensured that we have a strong focus on the same.

Most workflows show data that is predefined (during design time) and are generic in nature. However, to make the processes more context aware, they need to understand the user and have the context, in terms of other users and their decisions. They embed self-learning as a part of the process for the system. SPAs are very important value add for resource intensive, context sensitive decision making and execution. These applications are applied in Insurance, Banking and Healthcare domains to support end-user oriented business processes.

Case in Point

Helped a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) to make effective decisions on Loan Approvals, based on knowledge the system gains with approvals and rejections made by the NBFC’s Credit Operations team

Saved significant time and resources, while enabling a Unique Value Proposition, in terms of ability to disburse loans on a fast-track basis

Case in Point

For a leading construction giant, built an Integrated Project and Expense Management Application, to provide collaborative space for people to interact

Provided an in-built document management capability within an enterprise, facilitating for context-driven system changes, on a regular basis

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