Convert Social Emotions to Business Actions!

Understanding what drives your customers towards or away from your product, service or brand is the key to an effective social strategy:

Pushing is not enough
Counting likes is not enough
Hoping is not a strategy

It’s time to go further!

Unlocking the power of your customers and employees to advocate on your behalf is a powerful marketing tool
Why leveraging User Generated Content (UGC) makes sense?
86% Millennials say that UGC is a positive indicator of a brand’s quality

Customer-made reviews about a product are trusted 12x more than promotional marketing content

92% Consumers worldwide say they trust word-of-mouth more than advertising

SocialConnext is a Comprehensive Word-of-Mouth-Marketing (WOMM) Solution that lays down the path for you to gamify User Generated Content (UGC) and convert consumers’ social emotions into business actions.

Leverages employees & customers as your brand champions in social media
Gamifies the process of content generation by users – Leaderboards, based on users’ reach, engagement and influence
Ensures reliable content posting through Governance – organizational policies are mapped as rules in the system and the content gets posted post approvals
Goes beyond tracking behavioral counts (Likes, Retweets, etc.) to identify customers’ emotions, using Decooda’s Cognitive Intelligence Machine
Uncovers the True Voice of Customer, by revealing the specific attributes that draw customers closer to you or push them away
Benefits to clients

Amplifies your brand messaging
Users (consumers / employees) can post messages across multiple social channels, with one-click

Reveals the “why” behind Customer Experience
In-depth insights into how customers think, feel and act about a product, experience or brand, and how those thoughts and feelings translate into consumer behavior

Enables real-time business decisions
Users (consumers / employees) can post messages across multiple social channels, with one-click

Win-win proposition for brands & users
Users are incentivized per their contributions, while engaged employees are high on morale and thus more productive

How would your approach to WOMM be different if?

You had evidence about what influences customer behavior most at every moment in time

You could identify influencer messaging that impacts your sales

You could quantify results of your influencer marketing investments

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