May the Open Source be with Us!

Emerging Technologies team is upbeat about Open Source – we have gotten a lot out of it, and we are serious about weighing in our bit. It creates a sense of global community and a sense of constructive outlook, and we believe we share this feeling with the whole world of developers out there.

From helping new developers to build their prowess, to saving software makers a humongous amount of time and expense, Open Source does it all. And it’s also how capable and committed developers form a professional network and make friendships for life that include opportunities to share our knowledge and values.

This is the reason Open Source matters to so many developers out there who gladly give back by contributing code, often working extra hours on their own despite the pressures of their regular projects.  As far as they are concerned, it couldn’t be any other way because it feels so right.

So viva la Open Source, and may the Source be with us through all our projects!


Giving back to the Open Source community is one of the core values here at the Emerging Technologies team. Respecting our clients’ intellectual property and competitive advantage was severely limiting our ability to give back. To ensure that we contribute on a regular basis, we organize and conduct OpenSource hackathons for our team at least once every month.

The entire team gets together and starts hacking away on a predefined theme. This could be towards building a product or making improvements to Open Source tools we use on a daily basis. What started out as a commitment, has become something we all eagerly look forward to. Not only does it make us feel good about giving back, but these hackathons have served to greatly increase our camaraderie and togetherness.



Recruitofy is an open source solution for a startup’s hiring woes. For a small team like ours, or any typical startup for that matter; finding a right fit in terms of talent and culture is not easy. This means keeping track of, and scheduling several interviews during a week. Recruitofy hopes to make this process a lot more organized and simple. We approached the problem with a lean, minimalistic mindset which resulted in a remarkably simple and yet, a highly functional application.

Recruitofy was built on the Ruby on Rails framework and uses jQuery, Bootstrap and Bootswatch for the frontend. It was developed over two hackathons(basically two days) with the entire team crunching code together. We stuck to the same exacting standards which we follow for our client’s products. This means code reviews before commits, 100% code coverage, manual testing – the entire works basically and all this during the course of a single day. The entire team showed great enthusiasm and gave their 200% in building this product. This was also a great bonding exercise and we are all looking forward to the next hackathon.

One more hackathon, a couple of features, some minor tweaks and we are good to release it out in the wild. Please check this page within a month for further news.


Cadinsor provides OAuth like authentication to validate requests from your client apps to your backend Rails application. It can be easily mounted onto any application as it is a Rails engine. It currently supports both JSON and XML formats.
Cadinsor is our answer to securing the requests to Rails APIs from various client applications like Mobile Apps. Before Cadinsor, there was no easy way to do this. This is probably one reason why there are a lot of mobile apps that rely on obscurity as a means of security or really don’t bother about security at all. (If you have doubts, just take a visit to your router while using your favorite mobile apps). We think that for most of these problems, there is an easy fix and that is what we’ve tried to provide here.

The name Cadinsor comes from the Wheel of Time series of books by Robert Jordan. Cadin’sor is the “uniform” of Aiel warrior societies and the word Cadin’sor roughly translates to “working clothes”.

Cadinsor is available as a ruby gem at and is released under the MIT License.

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