The services we provide for our customers begin before the purchase of any Oracle Cloud products and extend to Long Term Management.  We strive to ensure that our Clients understand what their current requirements are and how that translates to Oracle’s IaaS.  We use our custom developed tools along with our deep skills in Oracle’s Technology Stack to model and price the Oracle Cloud products:

Estimate the Base

Using our proprietary tools, we extract performance data from currently running systems. We translate the current performance data into an Oracle Cloud configuration.

Cloud adoption

Techsophy assists our Clients in migrations to the Cloud.  Our “cloud adoption” services often begin with a Physical to Virtual migration so that virtualized servers can be easily migrated to the Cloud.  We ensure that the security infrastructure of the Cloud provider is comparable, if not better than, their On-premise solution.

Managed Services

Once our Clients are migrated and operating Cloud-based systems, Techsophy Cloud Managed Services kick in.  We help ensure that our Client’s Cloud experience is both performant as well as stable.  Our deep skills with the Oracle Technology / Application / Cloud suite of products allows Techsophy to manage Cloud environments with minimal effort.

User Generated Content (UGC) Solution

UGC extracted from social media is Classified, Glorified, and Amplified using proprietary tools, while Gamifying the entire process to enhance customer experience and thus increase the loyal customer base. You will essentially get

  • Readily available content for marketing
  • Precise understanding of customer behavior
  • Constant customer engagement – converts them as brand ambassadors
  • AI engine can help service cloud with instant recommendations for queries
  • All the functions in Oracle CX cloud enabled
  • Increased sales opportunities

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the application framework that underlies Airbnb, Shopify and Basecamp, and currently powers over 1.2M websites. RoR has a very active community and has been setting standards for what a web framework should be. For the front-end, React.js goes very well on top of a Rails back-end.

We have built several in-house frameworks on top of Rails that led to significant cost reductions for customers. For example:

  • Our Social Media crawling framework makes gathering data from various social channels as easy as a change in a configuration file
  • Our Spree commerce engine makes custom coupons / discounts in Spree a breeze

Case in point

Helped the client build the industry’s first comprehensive and self-contained platform to enable organizations to measure and reduce their risk of cyber breaches. The patented analytics platform and prioritized actionable recommendations allow enterprises to rapidly focus on which vulnerabilities to fix first to significantly reduce the risk of successful cyber-attacks:

  • Text Search across 70GB of data in real-time on a machine with only 8GB of RAM, with custom architecture, intelligent indexing and storage of data
  • Actionable and configurable alerts, functionality beyond what was envisioned by the founders, using a dynamic scheduler
  • Significant reduction in workload for the end-users
  • The product garnered interest from multiple investors

We believe strongly in Native Mobile applications. Native apps are responsive, engaging and offer the very best of the mobile OS in consideration. However, that does not mean that you have to pay twice the price for building apps in both platforms.

Through the use of frameworks like RubyMotion and React Native, we can re-use the code between devices. This means lesser costs, a unified approach and faster development for you.

Case in point

Helped the client build a pay day loan solution for customers without any / much credit history, disrupting the traditional way of money lending:

  • Defined the parameters for evaluating the credit worthiness of a customer
  • Credit Risk score computations within 5 minutes, using a machine learning solution
  • Investigated and integrated with an eKYC service provider for compliance with the Reserve Bank of India guidelines
  • Secure Native Applications (iOS & Android) for end to end loan management


We love Scala for its malleable syntax that makes it well suited for domain specific languages, static typing, transparent concurrency and an incredibly smart compiler, among other things. We use Scala

  • As the major programming language for web applications (Play Framework)
  • For web services (Spray & Akka HTTP)
  • In big data analytics world in future (Spark)


We use Elasticsearch for visualization in data analytics and like it for the features it brings:

  • Schema-less design
  • Simple search, fuzzy search and aggregation
  • Auto completion and instant search
  • Horizontal scalability

Apache Kafka:

We use Kafka to scale the back-end systems and for asynchronous processing. The features we love include:

  • High throughput for both publishing and subscribing
  • Multi-subscriber support and automatic load balancing during failure
  • Persistence messages on disk – useful for both batched consumption such as ETL and real-time applications (Kafka Streams and microservices)

BPM Mindset

Coming from a BPM product development background, we see every business challenge from a process perspective. We strongly believe that knowledge of BPM platforms and tools, without an inherent BPM Mindset, would do more harm than good for your business processes. This becomes tricky especially for Case Management, Rules Engine and Real-time Decision-making scenarios.

BPM Competency

  • Built world-class BPM products for OpenText (Cordys – now OpenText Process Suite) & Alfresco (Activiti V6 – now Alfresco Process Services)
  • Rich industry experience – Automotive, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, Utilities, etc.
  • BPM products that accelerate application delivery – MiGile (Cross-Platform BPM Migration Automation) and DOBPM (DevOps for BPM applications)

BPM Platforms

Alfresco Process Services

  • Working with Alfresco on developing Alfresco Process Services V6
  • Strong capabilities in designing and optimizing business processes, leveraging the rock-solid Alfresco process engine
  • Solutions across Integrated Project Management, Finance, and Social Media domains
  • Expertise in managing documents across organization(s) using Alfresco Content Services


  • Rich experience in building Rules, Case Management and BPM solutions
  • Extensive capabilities across Business Analysis, Architecture, Development, Testing and Support
  • Hands-on experience across industry verticals


  • Integral role in developing Cordys (Now OpenText Process Suite) – gives us an edge in delivering complex solutions to customers
  • Rich experience in engineering agile enterprises using OpenText’s product portfolio
  • Hands-on experience with small, medium and large Fortune 500 clients across industry verticals


  • Strong capabilities in delivering solutions using superior case management solutions
  • Rich expertise across process modeling and work management
  • Ability to leverage real-time information through rich process analytics

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