BPM Migration – Accelerated!

Are you planning to migrate from your existing BPM platform to the one that best suits your future business needs?

But, are you concerned about the complexities of migration – costs, quality and business disruptions?

You need not worry anymore!

Leveraging our rich BPM expertise, we at TechSophy, have built an accelerated migration solution for you! MiGile, as we call it, is our proprietary Migration Framework for BPM Platforms. The framework facilitates automated migration, to seamlessly move your BPM landscape from existing platform to the desired BPM platform, while maintaining strict adherence to industry standards.

Our solution enables customers to migrate from MBPM (Metastorm) / Alfresco Activiti / Pega / IBM to OpenText Process Suite / IBM / Alfresco Activiti BPM platforms.

How we do it?

Understand your goals and objectives, disparate systems, business functions and the underlying technologies across different tiers
Leverage our expertise of transforming existing BPM application landscapes into target BPM platforms
Perform significant portions of the migration tasks automatically, well, almost hands free!
Minimize errors and ensure minimal enablement time for the new system deployment, unlike manual migration
Leverage some of our other innovations like AutoRABIT, to further accelerate the migration process for you!

What will you get?


Identification and appropriate handling of each BPM component, to suit the target system
Creation of easy-to-use MVC model in all HTML5 forms, for data binding
A library of common controls, holding screens and CSS to facilitate application navigation and generic controls of source BPM, in the actual target BPM
Built-in best practices for migration, supported by innovative tools and frameworks


Significantly curtailed migration life cycle and quicker time-to-market
Improved consistency and enhanced quality, leveraging the migration best practices
Minimal human intervention, thereby minimized errors
Enhanced ease-of-use and maintainability, for the new system
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