User Generated Content: Gamify & Amplify

User Generated Content (UGC) is the most trusted endorsement for a brand. A customer who speaks about a brand on the social network resonates much more than a brand promoting their service or product. IT is the new age of Social Media vigilants.

Does your business have the pleasure of having UGC
Do you incentivize your loyal customers to generate UGC
Do you know where to start and sustain a customer engagement program
Why leveraging UGC makes sense?
86% Millennials say that UGC is a positive indicator of a brand’s quality

Customer-made reviews about a product are trusted 12x more than promotional marketing content

92% Consumers worldwide say they trust word-of-mouth more than advertising

How we do it?

SocialConnext helps you Amplify and Gamify User Generated Content to help your business grow and sustain customer engagement programs. It Amplifies and Gamifies the process of content generation by users to help your business grow. It monitors your social channels, helps you in understanding the promoters and detractors and enables you to constantly engage with promoters to turn them as brand advocates, and detractors as promoters.

Enhancing UGC

SocialConnext helps the business in enhancing the user generated content based on the content type:
• Video content of user is enhanced with EpicMakers
• Text and image Content is enhanced by Market research team
And upon approval from the User, enhanced content will be posted at appropriate times (for maximum engagement) to User Social Channels, Business Social Channels and SocialConnext Social Channels.


When User Approved User Generated Content is posted in multiple channels (User, Business and SocialConnext) at appropriate time the amplification will be maximized.


Engagement on User Generated Content is tracked and monitored for emotions and personas. Based on the emotions, necessary business actions will be created. For example, If the comment has a purchase intent, a sales task is created. If it is a query or escalation, a CRM task is created.

Engagement and sales lead generated are the critical parameters in deciding who tops the Leaderboard. Customers are incentivized based on the leaderboard positions.

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