Case for DevOps

Gartner predicts that

  • At least 50% of organizations currently using DevOps will not be delivering the benefits stated in their original business cases
  • 60% of enterprises will adopt SDx as a top-down approach (e.g. SDDC, SDI) as opposed to bottom-up (e.g. SDN, SDS), up from 30% in 2015

Also, given the savings in deployment effort, reduction in bugs, faster release velocity, greater productivity and higher RoI, it’s imminent that organizations or products need to be DevOps compatible to stay ahead of the competition.

DevOps @ TechSophy

  • World-class DevOps products
    • DOBPM (DevOps for BPM applications – Alfresco, OpenText, Pega)
    • AutoRABIT (DevOps for Salesforce applications)
  • Successful DevOps implementations
    • For global clients across industries
  • Partnership with a leading BPM vendor to
    • Create a DevOps roadmap for their BPM platform
    • Build solutions on top of the platform

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