Why Architecture matters?

Software is generally built for a specific problem statement and not keeping a time frame in mind. Essentially, this commodity does not come with an expiry date. During the lifespan of a software solution, it is expected to adopt to the rapidly changing technological environment, else there is an exponential increase in maintenance costs down the line.

For a better ROI, every organization should work not only on building robust software but evaluate its architecture periodically against standard frameworks like Zachman / TOGAF.

Service portfolio

We have enviable expertise across assessing, consulting and implementation in this area. Our services include:

• Consulting for optimizing business capabilities
• Audit on Adherence to Code and Test Best Practices
• Component Library Assessment, to enable re-usability and modularity
• Data Model, Migration, Archival and Access Guidelines
• Compliance Assessment through Audit
• Due Diligence by digging deeper into existing processes
• Identifying Application Performance Bottlenecks

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