Independent Technology Assessments

You are part of an investor network.  We can offer independent technology evaluation and recommendation for your portfolio companies, which will aid your assessment processes.

Technology can empower the business owner once again because of iterative software development. The business owner can now hold the attitude of ‘the best will have to do until something better comes along.’

Engage us for exploring new avenues of business for your companies. We will probe and uncover new opportunities, how they can be approached technologically, and how they can be tapped in disruptive ways.

You want to bring in a competent technology expert to bring a fresh perspective or to contribute an independent and alternate assessment of a scenario to help in decision-making, our Emerging Tech team at Techsophy can work with you on such projects.

You could be looking for a partner who understands the relevant IT very well, but who can undertake business model prototyping, competitive analysis and customer research through empathy technique, personas and tracing of customer journeys, and collaborative sketching.

We can generate these dependable reports for you that help in your decision-making vis-à-vis a certain product space or industry.

See what we can do for a startup at an idea stage and a product with an MVP already out.

Here’s where you can explore these important questions. Reach out by telling us a little about your consulting, and send in an inquiry. Or two. Or three.

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