Executive Team


Vishnu Datla – CEO

Vishnu aims to provide the entrepreneurial direction and maneuvers growth plans for expansion and is focused on building & sprouting the company’s business model towards achieving the vision of Enabling Enterprise Agility for the clients.

With more than a decade of experience in setting up Enterprise Sales, Global Delivery Models, Process Consulting & Adoption, and Establishing New Markets, he made sure it was possible to achieve faster “Time to Market”

Prior to founding TechSophy, Vishnu has had wide spread experience in setting up and growing Sales Channels at Goldstone and Cisco and was also responsible for growth in top line in the key markets.

Vishnu is an avid networker and an active marathon runner.

varma Techsophy

PSK Varma – President

Varma comes with a formidable technology background having built Products and Processes for the agile BPM enterprises. He envisages to Engineer Excellence through BPM, and has implemented solutions in the Insurance, Banking, Pharma and IT sectors.

With over 15 + years’ experience, he made it possible to formulate business solutions, setting up of R&D teams, implementing agile processes, and formulation of product architecture.

Prior to founding TechSophy, Varma was associated with Fortune companies in their worldwide teams and has had hands on experience with Solution architecture, Enterprise architecture, Enterprise software solutions through BPM, Agile project management and Enabling agile delivery.

Varma is an active supporter to the society and is associated with Ashram Charitable Trust & NOBLE foundation for GIOE students. He is also interested in Economic Empowerment and Science & Technology.


Vijaya Kumar Rayudu – COO

As a COO, Vijay manages the entire operations, delivery, alliances and corporate affairs. Vijay with his detailed experience is responsible for setting up of BPM COE’s, implementing best practices, ability and skill development and he is the key axle in Constant Learning.

With his dual experience – Attention to detail and People management techniques, Vijay is in authority for the bottom-line and driving process excellence in Delivery & Operations.

Prior to founding TechSophy, Vijay played various roles as Development & Project lead and delivered projects with highest profits.

He is strengthened through meditation, yoga and spirituality and believes that “We are away from peace if we live in pieces”.