Founders, Strengthen your Offering’s Viability

You are a founder with a launch date in mind. You are ignited with a business idea and have been giving it shape from the moment it hit you.

You are at the right place at this time.  We say this because if you share your belief in your idea with us, we will start looking at how we can help translate that belief into a destination that’s worth reaching.

Your immediate need is a technology partner who can grasp your business idea at a strategic level and who can understand your market’s success factors. Before thinking of tech innovation, the partner you choose has to consider how to strengthen your offering’s viability in its target market.


Your biggest hope is that you can find this partner within the next three weeks (perhaps ten weeks on the outside), but each week till you decide on such a partner will feel like a month right now. Or maybe not.

Your deepest anxiety is about momentum. So long as it can be kept up, your business idea will get its chance out there.

Your challenges are about getting to market with your current funding and before it runs out. Are there other options that are fuzzy right now but could work out?

Your partner in these challenges has to be startup-oriented, agile, cost-effective, have the technology chops, and retain your confidence every single day.


We are a Talented Team

We are the Emerging Tech group at Techsophy. We are a nucleus of highly talented engineers. We love building highly scalable, beautiful web and mobile applications. We know and have experienced for ourselves the pulls, perils and pizzazz in a start-up.

We have been over-delivering on our clients’ expectations and have figured out that’s how we want to continue. We dream that one of our projects will become as well-known as a GitHub or a Hulu. And that’s up to you and us to make it happen.

We are your Partners

Our Emerging Tech team is not just a development team. We are keenly aware that to be a partner in success for you, we have to be adaptive because there will be fresh discoveries and new perspectives that crop up during the course of the project. By reframing some of the key questions, we will apply design thinking to solve problems creatively.

We will beam up your enterprise into the market, and are in for that journey as a partner.

Pursue your Target with Confidence

We are transparent. We have to be because we together pursue a moving target – that MVP with a high likelihood of gaining customer admiration, not just acceptance. So there’s no room for deceiving ourselves about time and costs. Why really it has to take that much time, and cost such-and-such, has to be clearly conveyed and rationally agreed upon. It can’t be to only save us time, or save you money.

It has to be about putting in what it takes to build a winner. This is what you already believe your idea to be. And it’s what Techsophy’s Emerging Tech team will work on to translate it into a deliverable with a cutting-edge value in your market.

Here’s where you can explore these important questions. Reach out by telling us a little about your consulting, and send in an inquiry. Or two. Or three.

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