Insights, Enablement & Execution

Our philosophy

At TechSophy we believe Decisions cannot be accidental or just being reactive doesn’t cut the rope any longer. Though intuition is a part of decision making, it must be based on the results of past decision execution and insights from the market, including vendors and customers. Ultimately, this should enable the processes in the organization to self-heal and correct, so that the processes under way will course correct themselves based on market / environment factors and all the business processes will reach a logical conclusion.


We have been investing in products and solutions to aggregate data from the right sources to create contextual insights for users – based on use of data, data sources and time & environmental factors of the data, not just the data. We have the right team to build and deploy products and solutions for clients to get data from disparate systems, extract insights using predictive analytics, AI, machine learning and visualize using descriptive dashboards. This will enable customers to get the right insights to come to a decision and keep reviewing their decision results.

Decision execution

Enterprises and leaders no longer make decisions in silos but do so in a collaborative and informed process, with necessary audit trail and approval mechanisms. This allows them to leverage the market or customer or vendor inputs and for that matter inputs from the whole value chain directly before each decision point and alter it based on the impact of the external factors. This leads to the logical next step of executing the decisions by executing a business process.

The execution of a business decision desires multiple tenets of executing the process with minimal cost and time, along with visibility into process execution. However, optimizing it right so the overall time and cost could be optimized with appropriate privacy, security and sufficient checks and balances needs a continuous feedback, self-learning, auto correction and self-healing of the process wherever possible.

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