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We seek evaluative feedback about the satisfaction level of our clients with our processes, our communication, our design quality, and about the ease of working with us. Happy to share here that rather often, the feedback has been very positive.

We’d love to have this happen time and again with our new clients.


Avana Enterprise Risk Assessment Platform

About Avana

Avana provides the industry’s first comprehensive and self-contained platform to enable organizations to measure and reduce their risk of cyber breaches. Avana analyzes and correlates security vulnerabilities across all IT assets to determine the cyber-attack risk across the enterprise, business units and IT assets. Avana’s patented analytics platform and prioritized actionable recommendations allow enterprises to rapidly focus on which vulnerabilities to fix first in order to significantly reduce the risk of successful cyber attacks.


RoR Web Application, JQuery Front End, Elastic Search Clusters, Logstash for log indexing, Resque for Queue Management and Dynamic Scheduling


Avana was one of our most challenging and fruitful engagements till date. Avana was a very ambitious project right from the start. From picking a base architecture to deploying it at the customer’s location, we did it all. The project posed some very interesting,  atypical challenges.

The system had to be capable of handling and making sense of extremely large amounts of data (~ 70GB of data per day).
As an on-premise solution, resources were at a premium and the power of the cloud could not be leveraged.
Constant data sharing across clusters was not possible due to the very high data volumes. Hence a typical data cluster setup for the data stores was out of the question.
Regular and scheduled risk assessments across a network of 60,000 assets had to be carried out without impacting the network.

Our Difference

Avana’s founders were extremely happy with our work and one could clearly see why. It was a fruitful project for us and would definitely count as one of our success stories.

With custom architecture, intelligent indexing and storage of data, real time search results across 70GB of text data was made possible on a machine with only 8GB of RAM. This directly led to a paying enterprise customer for Avana.
A dynamic scheduler was built which allowed for actionable items that could be configured. This extended the functionality of the system beyond what the founders of Avana had originally envisoned.
Avana’s customers were very happy with the way the system was designed and it led to significant reduction in workload for their end users. The product was a massive hit and went on to receive interest from investors.

One World Academy

Technologies/ Offerings

Ruby on Rails, Spree, Quick Books, WordPress, Digital Marketing Services

About OWA

One World Academy is a wisdom and meditation school for transforming human thought. Its purpose is to create a shift from conflict to peace, from limitation to being limitless, from I-Consciousness to One-Consciousness.

Our Difference

OWA first came to us with a pressing need to build a Coupon Management System for an upcoming event and it had to be done in exactly one week. From then on, our engagement with them grew by leaps and bounds and we now provide a wide array of services for them.

The legacy systems were not a good fit and so several stop gap solutions were provided to address immediate needs.
We built, tested and deployed a custom, scaled down version of the Coupon Management system within a week.
A holistic e-Commerce system (Spree) that integrated perfectly with their existing website was built. The Coupon Management system was extended to address all their needs was then built.
Their WordPress website development had essentially stagnated because of a bad vendor. We took over the website and added several new features with short turnarounds.
We also provided Digital Marketing Services for one of their events in the US. This led to a lot of organic growth on their Social Media platforms and this has become an ongoing activity for us.

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