CTOs, Get a Capable Team Behind You

You are the CTO of a start-up that’s less than 2 years old.  To achieve your targets, you need a team that you can think of as your own. A team with established competencies in web services. And in developing APIs using REST. You need them to attend your standups, practice Test Driven Development and adhere to your stringent quality guidelines. Basically developers who will work seamlessly in tandem with your in-house tech to develop your product at a rapid pace.

Not just that, you are looking for folks that can handle the entire product life cycle. That’s all the way from UI & UX Design, add Development and DevOps to that, and a strong propensity for Open Source technologies, and you are looking at a team here in the Emerging Tech Group at Techsophy who pretty much cover it all. We in fact, take it one step further and even help you spread the word about your startup.


Remember, this is all about you & us, so only a high level of rapport and mutual respect can help us make the best decisions with regard to your project’s aims.

Lean Product Development, Agile Project Management, Test Automation, Continuous Delivery and Deployment – they are all par for the course when you are engaging with us.  Call us in when you have to build or scale up sophisticated products for Social or Mobile. The way we apply Cognitive Ergonomics in evolving the solution makes you glad you chose to talk to smart and capable people about your requirement.

As a technology leader for your organization, you are looking for a team who can understand what your business head is expecting to have in his or her hands. Our Emerging Tech team believes that a meaningful innovation can result only when the marketing minds and the tech experts pull in the same direction.


Yes, the code makes sense only if it can make cents for your business. Yet we will get to the nut-and-bolt with you very fast, because as the CTO you want to work with futuristic technology that’ll scale easily. Our credentials and passion for Open Source is another thing about our team that you’ll probably like.

Here’s where you can explore these important questions. Reach out by telling us a little about your consulting, and send in an inquiry. Or two. Or three.

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