Enterprise Agility

Enterprise agility is the new order of the day for businesses worldwide. In the digital era, more often than not, enterprise IT initiatives cannot keep up with ever-changing business environment, resulting in inflexible systems and poor cross-functional processes. Driven by Passion for Excellence, TechSophy enables business agility in every possible way – be it business process optimization, emerging technologies or digital services.


Business Process Management (BPM)

We are a specialized BPM solutions provider with rich expertise across market leading BPM platforms – Pega, Alfresco Activiti, OpenText, Oracle, and IBM. Our core team has played a key role in developing some of these product suites. Leveraging the intricate process management knowledge, we have built proprietary products, frameworks and solutions that act as force multipliers for BPM implementations. Thus, TechSophy enjoys a significant edge over its competition!

DevOps for BPM

  • Continuous integration and deployment, faster release velocity and quicker time-to-market

TaaSPro (Testing as a Service, for our proprietary frameworks) for BPM

  • Shortens release cycle, produces high quality output and enhances build success rate

Emerging Technologies

We leverage the power of Emerging Technologies to build futuristic applications for our clients. We offer state-of-the-art mobile app development, coupled with web development around Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Cloud technologies.

Agile Requirements management, leveraging tools like Redmine / Track / JIRA
Rapid Prototyping, to ensure the solution perfectly meets the clients’ needs
Continuous code integration – coding best practices, for standards compliance
Test automation – parallel testing on multiple browsers and quick regression testing
Release management enablement and post go-live production monitoring
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