Specialized End-to-End BPM Services

BPM Mindset

Coming from a BPM product development background, we see every business challenge from a process perspective. ‘BPM Mindset’ is entrenched in our culture and BPM is our core competency. Our research and experience have revealed that knowledge of BPM platforms and tools, without an inherent BPM Mindset, would actually do more harm than good for your business processes. This becomes tricky especially for Case Management, Rules Engine and Real-time Decision Making scenarios.

“BPM First, Tool Next” Approach

This is as simple as deciding “what you want to do” first and then choosing “how to do it”. But unfortunately, in most cases, the BPM tool is decided without much thought on process design, monitoring or change management. This will extend timelines and increase costs, in turn risking the whole BPM implementation.

So, it makes sense to take a stock of in-place processes first (and visualize the to-be processes), before jumping on to the BPM tool selection. Thus, we recommend a “BPM First, Tool Next” approach, in order to avoid the common pitfalls in your BPM journey and achieve optimal process efficiency. Our experience in building BPM platforms / frameworks / tools reaffirms this!

BPM Capabilities

Experience in building world-renowned BPM products
Strong capabilities across industry verticals – Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, etc.
BPM products, frameworks, and tools – MiGile, AutoRABIT and TaasPro, acting as force multipliers for BPM implementations

BPM Platforms

Strong capabilities in designing and optimizing business processes, leveraging the rock solid Activiti BPM engine
BPM solutions delivered across Integrated Project Management, Finance, and Social Media domains
Expertise in organizing and managing documents across organization(s) using Alfresco, being Alfresco Premier Partner
Rich experience in building Rules, Case Management and BPM Solutions
Extensive capabilities across Business Analysis, Architecture, Development, Testing and Support
Hands-on experience across industry verticals
Integral role in developing Cordys (Now OpenText Process Suite) – gives us an edge to deliver complex solutions
Rich experience in engineering agile enterprises using OpenText’s product portfolio
Hands-on with small, medium and large Fortune 500 clients across industry verticals
Strong capabilities in delivering solutions using Business Process Manager
Rich expertise across Business Process and Case Management, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Process Analytics
Ability to design, deploy and manage end-to-end processes in a seamless way

BPM Services

Architectural review

Consulting help to optimize business capabilities

Adherence to Code and Test Best Practices
Component Library Assessment, to enable re-usability and modularity
Data Model, Migration, Archival and Access Guidelines
Compliance Assessment through Audit

Due Diligence by digging deep into existing processes

Identify Application Performance bottlenecks


Best-fit BPM solutions, in line with desired outcomes

After thorough Gap Analysis of business flows

Specialized development and support services

Leveraging home-grown products and frameworks
Riding on intricate knowledge of each and every element of a BPM platform

On-time delivery for clients, well within their budgets

Only 10% of the projects have cost and time overruns (<10%), while the  industry average is 30-50%! (for all projects in general)


Rich pool of consultants, with a BPM Mindset

Project Managers, Architects, Process Analysts, Developers and Testers

Ability to manage the most complex processes

For clients across the US, EMEA and APAC regions

Success Stories

For a leading global telecom company in the USA

Reduced human errors, by automating new infrastructure requests in IaaS model
Created a platform for legacy integration, enhanced monitoring capability and improved SLA tracking

For one of the largest private sector banks in India

Automated the processes for Deal Initiation, Execution for Escrow Trust and Retention Agreements Services
Improved monitoring capability and reduced processing errors
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