Specialized BPM Migration Services

TechSophy has a strong pedigree of executing BPM migrations. Over the years we have successfully carried out several BPM migrations – from legacy BPMs to the latest platforms. Deep expertise in BPM platforms and an inherent BPM mindset, coupled with proven tools, frameworks and methodologies have ensured seamless migration, even in case of complex projects.

Time-tested Migration Methodology

A complete and adaptable approach to rapidly deploy your Business Process Improvement initiatives
Strong customer focus and emphasis on collaboration – ensures your implementation is easily understood and embraced
Best practice delivery methodologies – help you increase speed-to-value and establish a solid foundation for ongoing processes and system improvements
Full project visibility and participation, allowing checkpoints and milestones to be easily tracked and measured by everyone involved
Rapid and successful solution rollout, enabling realization of immediate results

Migration process



Understand the migration need and its priority in customer’s overall IT and business portfolios
Understand customer requirements – limitations, end of life cycle for current version, business growth plans, need for comprehensive capabilities, etc.


Define migration scope – study current architecture, security, customizations, functional and technical components, dependencies and limitations
Create a migration approach based on customer priorities, process complexities and findings during Discover stage


Align with other customer initiatives across systems and environments (upgrades, enhancements, etc.) and business plans (mergers, acquisitions, etc.)
Conduct thorough unit testing and system testing, and solicit necessary sign-offs from business
Minimize business disruptions, along with those to the migration process itself


Cut over to the new version and go live, after due consultations with all stakeholders
Ensure complete alignment with the original solution being migrated

Leveraging our BPM migration experience, we have come up with a proprietary BPM Migration Framework, called MiGile. The framework facilitates automated migration from your existing BPM platform to the one that best suits your future business needs, while maintaining strict adherence to industry standards.

Success stories

For a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries

Successfully overcome the limitations of multi-browser support, process improvements, platform enhancements, integration and support
Ensured a more flexible and highly stable system, while minimizing the production down time

For a leading Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company

Migrated 124 applications from legacy BPM platforms to the latest versions
Integrated all existing platforms to provide a single view and reduced human errors to negligible limits
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