Agile Release Management
for BPM Applications

Need of the Hour

Organizations have to re-invent themselves all the time, in order to be abreast of changing business dynamics. And technology partners find it challenging to meet the different needs of stakeholders – project management, IT services and operations teams. It can be quite complex to manage this end-to-end, especially when applications have to be enhanced and maintained without any operational downtime, owing to the following factors:

Frequent untested changes that make it to production
Testing in multiple environments and contexts – making manual testing expensive and unviable
More and more production issues, as a result
The solution
Predefined process (Plan -> Code -> Build -> Test -> Track -> Deploy), to effectively tackle change requests across SDLC
Host of tools and platforms that deliver production-ready software
Quick feedback on application fitness for use, for every change request
End-to-end release management with minimal operational downtime
The Process

Agile Requirements management

  • Deployment using tools like Redmine / Track / JIRA
  • Integration with DevOps Solution, for a comprehensive view of project progress


  • Continuous integration of code
  • Coding best practices review and automated checks, for standards compliance

Build and Deployment

  • Compiling, creating and deploying packages in server / sandbox
  • Avoiding human errors and release notes generation


Leveraging our extensive BPM experience, we have come up with a DevOps solution, designed to meet the release management demands of BPM applications. The solution accelerates application development and streamlines release management, for SOA based applications.

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Testing and Bug Tracking

  • Test case management and bug tracking system setup
  • Creating a dependency view for any new change
  • Automation of industry-specific tests (e.g. comparison of rules with PDF documents generated)

Test Automation

  • Support for multi-browser testing and quick regression testing
  • Test Generator, to generate test scenarios based on fields, application flow and context
  • Test Data Generator to generate boundary, positive and negative conditions related test data
  • Web Service Testing Framework, to generate tests for Web Services from core layers


Realizing the pressing need for Test Automation, we have come up with a Testing-as-a-Service solution for BPM applications, called TaaSPro. The product provides you with some of the greatest advantages in Continuous Deployment Process.

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Enablement services

  • Single point of contact for tracking progress (Release Management Outsourcing)
  • Training and enablement
  • Software deployment for specific needs (e.g. Bug Tracking, Test Case management, etc.)
  • Post go-live production monitoring

Test automation services

  • Pay Per Test Unit model (per automated test asset delivered)
  • Based on units per screen and business process / application flow
  • Based on outcome, in terms of number of units tested / automated